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Lorna Roth  is a researcher and professor of Communications at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada.

Her research and teaching interests include: Media and Minorities, Neo-Colonial Theory and “Development,” Race, Representation, & Technologies, International Communication, Indigenous Television and Media History, New Media and First Peoples, Mediating Oral Histories, Oral History as Cultural Performance, and Civic Journalism.

She is currently involved in a major interdisciplinary SSHRC-funded Community University Research Alliance (CURA) project on Oral Life Stories of Refugees Displaced to Montreal due to genocide, abuse and human rights violations. It is a project based out of the Public History sector of the History Department. She has two roles in this project: co-ordinating and facilitating radio dissemination of the research for the duration of the project; and researching the (in)visibility of the human face in the personal and mediated testimonial.

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